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 Federal Lawsuit Against Attorney Eugene Sullivan

Iztok Plevnik

Iztok Plevnik was rescued with the help of a local attorney in Ivory Coast.

Attorney Eugene Sullivan
Eugene Sullivan Junior 
Todd Brown 

James Billington
Michael Keilty

Case N0. 1:2023cv00837

-John Kiriakou-

Iztok Plevnik Federal Case is The True, The True and Nothing but The True!  Former CIA Agent  John Kiriakou

John Kiriakou

   And that fraud allegation runs deep.  First, Sullivan Sr., Billington, Brown, and Keilty are all connected.  They were all Army Rangers.  Is that just a coincidence?  Second, the money disappeared only after Iztok Plevnik revealed its location to Billington.  Third, Sullivan purchased two homes next door to each other in the tony Bethesda, Maryland suburb of Washington, DC.  One was for him and his wife.  The second was for his recently-divorced son. 

This was despite the fact that he says that he is broke and that his son is going

through a difficult and expensive divorce.  And finally, attorney Bruce Fein,

acting on Iztok’s behalf, filed a Freedom of Information Act request with

the Treasury Department asking one simple question  

—were the documents giving Iztok Plevnik permission to

repatriate the money real or fake? 

Treasury has been unable to find any record

that any such letters were ever written.

   Iztok Plevnik filed a federal lawsuit against Judge Sullivan; Sullivan’s attorney son; Keilty, the Justice Department official; Billington, the Embassy security official; and Todd Brown, Billington’s boss and the Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security, alleging fraud. 



- John Kiriakou -

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