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John Kiriakou
Bruce Fein Iztok Plevnik
Bruce Fein
Iztok Plevnik, John Kiriakou

We Trust You 

Since ancient times, philosophers have contrasted a barbaric “state of nature” with a perfect, well-ordered society that has somehow tamed humankind’s propensity toward force and fraud. Fortunately, we have created something that is neither Beirut nor Bucharest. We don’t require honesty, but we honor and celebrate it. Like a kaleidoscope, we have order and change. We make beautiful, well-fitting relationships that we break and reform at every turn.
We should remember, however, that this third way works only as long as most of us live by an honorable moral compass. Since our trust isn’t grounded in self-interest, it is fragile. And, indeed, we all know of organizations, industries, and even whole societies in which trust has given way either to a destructive free-for-all or to inflexible rules and bureaucracy. Only our individual wills, our determination to do what is right, whether or not it is profitable, save us from choosing between chaos and stagnation.


                                                                                   Amar Bhide &  Howard H. Stevenson

Sep/Oct 1990, Vol. 68, Issue 5

​Harvard Business Review

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