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John Kiriakou


Former CIA agent, counter terrorism adviser, whistleblower supporter, high school teacher and your friend.

At the Whistleblower Post we love, trust and promote John Kiriakou's work.  John's purpose is to truly serve his country telling the true and sacrificing everything to find the right channels and communicate important facts with the public and inform them with the reliability they need to believe and take action!.

“Even if torture works, it cannot be tolerated — not in one case or a thousand or a million. If their efficacy becomes the measure of abhorrent acts, all sorts of unspeakable crimes somehow become acceptable. I may have found myself on the wrong side of government on torture. But I’m on the right side of history. …There are things we should not do, even in the name of national security. One of them, I now firmly believe, is torture.”     

                                                                       -  John  Kiriakou  - 

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In his writing, Kiriakou continues to advocate for increased transparency in government agencies.




The CIA awarded Kiriakou with 10 Exceptional Performance Awards, a Sustained Superior performance Award, the Counterterrorism Service Medal, and the State Department's Meritorious Honor Award. Kiriakou won the 2012 Joe A. Callaway Award for Civic Courage, which is awarded to "national security whistleblowers who stood up for constitutional rights and American values, at great risk to their personal and professional lives". In 2016, he was awarded the Sam Adams Award. Also in 2016, he was given the prestigious PEN First Amendment Award by the PEN Center USA.






In 2014, Silenced, a sharp documentary featuring John Kiriakou by James Spione, was released. The film explored the US government's response to whistleblowers who disclosed covert violations of constitutional privacy laws and terrorism laws. The film revealed in detail the personal toll on Kiriakou, military veteran Thomas Andrews Drake and attorney Jesselyn Radack, each of whom had questioned practices or reported crimes within the NSACIAmilitary, and other organizations.


John Kiriakou is a Public Figure Now!


John Kiriakou is communicating through his books ! dont wait and support him by purchasing and listening to his amazing experience and stories. John  is helping us directly to acknowledge and act towards bad  individuals and unfair governmental actions. 

Hardcover The Reluctant Spy_ My Secret Life in the CIA's War on Terror Book Share to Faceb

The Reluctant Spy

The Reluctant Spy: My Secret Life in the CIA's War on Terror (Bantam, 2010) discusses the CIA's response to 9/11 and their involvement in the Middle East during the George W. Bush administration

Doing Like A Spy

Doing Time Like a Spy: How the CIA Taught Me to Survive and Thrive in Prison

(Rare Bird Books, 2017) This precious book is a memoir about Kiriakou's 23-month prison term, which he began serving on February 28, 2013, for passing classified information to the media, thereby violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. The book includes Kiriakou's blog series "Letters From Loretto" in addition to discussion of the American prison systemBarry EislerJane Mayer, and Daniel Ellsberg, former members of and commentators on the intelligence community, endorsed this book, according to the publisher's website.


The Convenient Terrorist

Abu Zubaydah and the Weird Wonderland of America's Secret Wars (Skyhorse, 2017) is an account of the hunt for Abu Zubaydah, his capture, interrogation, torture, and incarceration at Guantanamo.

How to Disappear and Live Off the Grid_ A CIA Insider's Guide
Lying and Lie Detection_ A CIA Insider's Guide

Lying and Lie Detection


A CIA Insider's Guide (Skyhorse, 2022

Surveillance and Surveillance Detection_ A CIA Insider's Guide

Surveillance and Surveillance Detection


A CIA Insider's Guide (Skyhorse, 2022)


The CIA Insider's Guide to the Iran Crisis: From CIA Coup to the Brink of War

The CIA Insider's Guide to the Iran Crisis_ From CIA Coup to the Brink of War

Why did the CIA overthrow Iran's democratically elected government? And why has the United States treated Iran as one of its biggest enemies for four decades? Is the Trump administration's "Maximum Pressure" campaign working, or will it precipitate a war with Iran?In The CIA Insider's Guide to Iran: from CIA Coup to the Brink of War, former CIA Officer John C. Kiriakou and investigative journalist and historian Gareth Porter explain how and why the United States and Iran have been either at war or threatening such a war for most of the forty years since Islamic Republic of Iran was established. The authors delve below the surface explanations for the forty-year history of extreme U.S. hostility toward Iran to blow up one official U.S. narrative after another about Iran and U.S. policy. Against the background of Iran's encounters with heavy-handed British and Russian imperialist control over its resources, this book shows how the U.S. began its encounter with Iran by clearly siding with British imperialism against Iranian aspirations for control over its oil in its 1953 overthrow of the Mossadegh government, then proceeded to actively support the Saddam Hussein regime's horrific chemical war against Iran. The book shows how a parade of politically-motivated false narratives have taken U.S. Iran policy progressively farther from reality for three decades and have now brought the United States to the brink of war with Iran. It explains how Donald Trump's trashing of the nuclear deal with Iran and seeking to cut off Iran's oil exports creates a very high risk of such a war, demanding major public debate about changing course. The CIA Insider's Guide to the Iran Crisis also includes appendices with key official documents on U.S. policy toward Iran, with particular emphasis on the major official statements of the Trump administration's "Maximum Pressure" strategy.

5 Stars

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